Grushivsky miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Grushivsky miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Location: with Grushov, Lviv region
Date of appearance: 1806
Honor: Holy Trinity, August 28, Sept. 27.

The icon was painted by the icon painter Stefan Chapovsky in 1806. The icon depicts a well enclosed by cripples, over which the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary rises and an angel above it. Feature icons are verbal appeals of people for help.

His Holiness Pope Pope Roman Lion XIII, with his Letter of January 10, 1901, upon the petition of Bishop Constantine Chekhovich Pereymsky, gave the Pervomy Church the right to leave for the holidays of the Holy Trinity, the Dormition of the
Blessed Virgin, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1987, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared several times, warning about the approaching time of the separation of Ukraine from Russia and the prayer for the conversion of Russia, so that the Third World War would not come. The Blessed One begged the people to pray on the rowan and carry it with them. Since then, many miracles have taken place thanks to the icon.

Six stylized copies of the Grushev Icon of the Theotokos were made, which were consecrated, and later on May 21, 1 95, sent  to the deans for public honors.

At present, the miraculous icon of Grushevskaya Mother of God is located in the church of the Holy Trinity, where there is also a well with a healing water.